Jonas Trukanas

Film & Commercials Director




I'd really love to write a huge paragraph about how I discovered filmmaking after embarking on a vision quest to save a kitten from an oil pit teeming with hungry cat-eating robots. Or tell you a short story about how filmmaking saved me from a gang of vicious Colombian hippos that built their own drug empire after being freed from Pablo Escobar’s zoo.

But there is no such paragraph. Because as far as I can remember, I always wanted to tell stories. And I always loved images. Filmmaking was the obvious choice for me all along. It was only natural that I went to study Film Direction at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, UK. Ever since my graduation I’ve been directing commercials and short films. 

Also, I love directing commercials. I have shot products, liquids, animals, cars, kids, weird, sad, funny, happy, serious, shorter, longer, wider, you name it.

I am two time Berlinale Talent Campus alumni (2013 and 2017); I've participated in numerous other workshops (TransAtlantic TalentLab, InScript, European Genre Forum). My shorts have been screened all around the globe; won awards. I am well-rounded nerd. 

And I’m always open for more. More commercials, films, educational projects, more anything and everything related to image crafting. So if you've got an opportunity for me, don't hesitate - drop me a line. 

For commercials Worldwide (except Lithuania) I am represented by Aylene Gardiner Agency




For Lithuanian commercials: you know where to find me.